Adding Step by Step Guides


Right now I’m in the process of adding Step by Step guides, for anyone who is interested in things such as how to buy Bitcoin on Coinbase.

I’m trying to be as detailed as possible with these guides, including screenshots of every single step.

So if you’re curious about how to do something in the “Cryptoworld” but are not so sure how to go about it, or would like to see the whole process befoe pluging ing – with screenshots – , please stay tuned for more guides!

By the way I mess up more than I’d like to admit, and I’ll try to be as clear as possible in these guides, so you can avoid the pitfalls I fell into.

For example, yesterday I was trying to move some TRON (TRX) from my wallet to an exchange, and ended up wasting precious hours because I didn’t know about “gas limits” and other things related to Ethereum tokens.

There are way too many variables in this crazy fluctuating crypto market, so I really hope these illustrated guides can make things easier for anyone!

294% Return on my “Misadventures” So Far… What a Ride!

It’s been around 2 weeks since I started this blog, and to date I’ve tripled my investment in cryptocurrency 🙂

Not Bad for a Noob Huh?

It’s been a fun and chaotic ride, but I’ve learned so much! Yes, things are tricky, and there’s a lot of patience required, but it’s been worth it!

Since my last post on XRP, mentioning I went in 100% in XRP, I’ve diversified my portfolio and hold 7 different coins now.

However I’m still a strong Ripple Supporter and 65% of my portfolio is XRP.

I also have a strong position with TRON or Tronix (TRX), and made massive profits. I Invested when it was at 0.04, right now it’s floating around 0.20 in Binance.

I also got BURNT investing in Verge (XVG), luckily it was a speculation sort of trade and cut my losses by moving that investment into more TRX.

I’ve got a ton of screenshots and some draft posts (I have a backlog of about 5 posts I intended to publish, but haven’t had the time with all the bullish action in the crypto-wrold!) about some of the things I’ve done…, including how I got burnt by buying XVG, by making the stupidiest mistake ever lol.

I still learned a lot about that experience, which is what matters, right?

Today I’m going to try to cash out about $200 worth of BTC in LocalBitcoins. I will be sure to document my experience like I did with changelly, that was fun!!

Thanks if anyone is reading :D!

How I Transformed BCH to XRP Using Changelly – The Visual Guide

About a week ago, I admittedly followed the sheep and regretfully bough some Bitcoin Cash (BCH), when it was hovering around 3500, with the intent to sell it for a higher price when Coinbase made it available.

Well I’m not sure if I missed the window, but Coinbase went into chaos, halted all BCH sells and buys, and I found myself “stuck” with the BCH. It was around $250 worth to the day.

After spending around $50 of BCH just moving it and exchanging it for practice, yesterday I still had around 0.0687987 BCH  in my Exodus wallet.

Since I had been reading up on XRP around social media, I knew this currency was about to get even hotter than it already was. (I’ve been paying attention to social media more than I ever did in my life, I never found it to be this useful!)

My mission: Convert 0.06881 BCH to XRP in the most convenient way possible.

I decided to use Changelly, because it’s so convenient. Drawbacks? The time it takes and the fees involved. This was my second time using Changelly.

I did NOT use Exodus’ integrated exchange partner ShapeShift, because I had a terrible experience with them. I’ll write about that on another day.

Let’s see what actually happened STEP by STEP (From a newb’s perspective ._.) :

XRP was hovering around $1.18 at the moment

BCH was about $2650

Step 1

Exchanging 0.06881 BCH involves fees.., the first fee I was hit with was the “sending from my wallet fee”:

As you can see, I wouldn’t be really sending 0.06881 to Changelly, instead, because of the fee ($0.03), I had to send 0.0687987 . Which is very small compared to the staggering fee of $30-$40 with Bitcoin!

Step 2

I headed over to and requested a BCH -> XRP exchange with the amount shown above:

Step 3

I went ahead and confirmed my information:

So I was ready to exchange 0.687987 BCH to 146.9 XRP. This included Changelly’s 0.5% fee of 0.73836034. This is a FIXED fee.

If we talk in Dollars, I was exchanging 0.0687987 BCH * $2650 = $182.31 to 146.9 XRP * 1.18 = $173.32 word of ripple.

Fees just pile up, right?

Step 4

I went ahead and entered my RPX Wallet’s receiving address:

I personally use the Rippex Wallet. Even though I’ve heard good things about Yoast. I should be using a Ledger Nano for maximum security. But I’m good with my desktop wallet for now…

Step 5

Cool, everything was ready to get things rolling, now I just needed to send 0.0687987 BCH to the Recipient Address Changelly provided:

As you can see, now it said I would receive a tiny bit more of XRP, this is because Changelly works with different exchange partners, and the exchange rate varies (sometimes wildly) while a transaction goes through. So be careful!

Completion time: 5-30 minutes LMAO! 😀

Step 6

Great! Now I was ready to send my BCH from my Exodus Wallet to Changelly’s recipient address…, straightforward? I WISH!

That’s right, Exodus started acting up, like I described in my precvious real time post. And this was a MAJOR headache!

I went online and read that the solution was to refresh my BCH wallet by clicking on the logo, so I did:

Exodus warned it would take 5-10 minutes to refresh…, ok no prob…, that is until it was about an hour later and the circling arrows were still “refreshing”.

I looked around for answers everywhere, especially Reddit, my best go-to resource for fixing problems like these.

I read some unsettling horror stories about people who had gone through the same issue, only to see their balance disappear and lost forever…, NOW I WAS STARTING TO FREAK OUT lol

I mailed the Exodus support team asking for help. It had already been more than an hour “refreshing”. Almost at the same moment, Exodus threw another tantrum:

Awesome… haha… what now? At least I got a reply from Support as you can see in the image, everything happened at once!

Luckily my BCH didn’t disappear…, and after closing the error window my BCH funds thankfully went through (somehow). What a relief!

Exodus support is TOP NOTCH this was their reply:

I am so sorry about this! Our BCH insight provider, Blockdozer, is having intermittent issues with their services. This can result in rescan errors and incorrect BCH balances. I really wish there was more I could do here, because we’re totally letting you down with this kind of unreliable wallet behavior within Exodus.

We’re working closely with Blockdozer right now to try and resolve this issue, to hopefully prevent such things from happening in the future.

If this happens to you again, I would suggest trying to connect using a VPN, from elsewhere in the world to see if you can connect to a working node. I would recommend either ProtonVPN or Windscribe if you don’t already have a VPN installed on your computer.

I’m truly sorry for this experience!

Good stuff, great support… anyways, my issue was somehow already solved and I was ready to move on.

Step 7

Playing the waiting game…, Changelly was now waiting for my funds to arrive to their recipient address. Like any other crypto related service, they require 6 blockchain confirmations before making the operation:

This was lengthy as well, it took about another hour for 6 blockchain confirmations…, but that’s how it is.

Step 8

Changelly went through the exchange phase comparatively faster, about 10 minutes:

Step 9

Finally Changelly would send the funds to my wallet… :D! And they did, about 9 hours later from start to finish!!!! lol.

Luckily my exchange rate didn’t vary much and I actually got 146.3 XRP at 3:00am nice!

According to coinmarketcap, XRP is now valued at $1.46, so I’m happy with the trade 🙂

Value in $’s : 146.3*$1.46 = 213.6

Profit in $’s : 213.6 / 182.31 = 1.1716 ~ about a 17% gain for a profit of $31.29


But oh well, I’m just playing around after all…

So, that’s my experience! Remember if you’re gonna use Changelly be ready to wait for several hours for the operation to go through! Other than that I didn’t face any major issue.

Buy XRP NOW! (My Opinion Not Financial Advice, I’m SO Noob!!)

If anybody is reading this, I would follow my title’s advice. I’m no guru, but everyone on twitter is fired up about ripple (XRP)…, in fact it’s probably gonna moon.

It’s up more than 25% from yesterday, and that’s without a possible big shift in Asia tonight.

It’s in fact the #3 Cryptocurrency :O

Additionally it might rise even farther (people talking about $5 per XRP), because there are rumors it might be available in Coinbase next year!

By Market Cap it surpasses Bitcoin Cash, and it’s growing every day.

The recommendation? Right now it’s at $1.20, get it while it’s below $2…..

These are NOT my predictions, there are predictions from XRP experts on social media who are well known.

BUT DON’T REPEAT MY PAST MISTAKES.., please verify these tips on your own…, twitter is your friend!

Right now I’ll attempt to use Changelly to convert my failed BCH to XRP….

I’m first moving all my BCH from Coinbase to my Exodus wallet.

After that I’ll send it over to changelly. (last Time I used changelly it took about 12 hours to complete the exchange lol :@ ), but it’s my best option right now.

Normally I would have sent Ethereum to Binance, and bought XRP with Ethereum. But I really want to get rid of that Bitcoin Cash ._.

Changelly will then attempt to send it to my XRP wallet. I’m using the RIPPEX wallet.

This should be quite a chaotic process…

Wish Me Luck! 😀


As of now it’s been about 40 minutes, and my Coinbase to Exodus transaction has only 4 confirmations…., I predict it will take hours before I get my XRP…, which might cost me in the long run…, welp this is the Crypto World for you !

I’m playing it safe and waiting for at least 6 confirmations, which is the norm.

It’s been an hour, still only 4 confirmations…, at this rate I’m afraid I’ll miss out! lol

A little bit after an hour finally! 6 confirmations, HOWEVER now Exodus is acting up and requires to “refresh” my BCH balance… how long is THIS goin to take ffs…

10 minutes, Exodus still refreshing, I’m starting to regret not sending from Coinbase to Changelly… :S -> but this is the thing with crypto right now, it’s like when we used modems to connect to the internet…., everything is SO SLOW!!

20 mins… Exodus STILL refreshing…, XRP up 10 cents…, wow

Hitting the gym.., will leave Exodus (and money on the table) “refreshing” :/

5:30pm Finally Exodus refreshed (after an error message), just sent the BCH to Changelly, another couple hours for my XRP maybe? I won’t hold my breath

I really don’t expect it to get done within the next 6 hours …

Latest update:

Good Morning! lol

Well it took Changelly about 7.5 hours to make the exchange and send the XRP to my Rippex wallet. I didn’t freak out this time because I knew it would take that long.

Fees were through the roof (expected too), but considering XRP is up by more than 20% since yesterday, I still think a got a good deal. PLUS I got rid of the Bitcoin Cash I was stuck with.

For those who are curious, and want to see the process I went through with screenshots of almost everythin I did to make this happen, I’m working on that today…stay tuned.

My Latest Moves And Fails… :S

Things have been very unstable for me in the Crypto Sphere this last few week.

I can easily guess it’s been the same for most people. Especially small time investors like myself.

Since BTC’s dip to 11368 (when the media went crazy about the crash) it looks like it’s been recovering. it’s hovering around 15000 at the time of this writing, and has reached 16000 at least once.

My BTC investments are far from being the smartest moves, I think I’m breaking even right now. I’ve bought a low 4 figure amount at 3 different market prices:

18430 12/18 (ouch)

16000 12/19

13300 12/22 (when it dipped, I was lucky enough to purchase through Coinbase, before they froze buying/selling BTC) This was my “bulk” buy.

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs, twitter and news, and I’m slowly getting a grasp on things now. My first purchase of BTC at 18430 was definitely a newbie impulse buy, trying to “not miss out” lol.

I should have educated myself more, of course, but it was a small amount, so I’m not worried. I’m planning to hold onto BTC for the long run anyways. I’ve been reading predictions about BTC reaching 28800 next year, and about a possible dip to 8000.

I also bought some Bitcoin Cash which I’m regretting after researching the coin for a while. My intention was to sell it when they started to sell it on coinbase. But it turns out that BCH doesn’t have as much love as BTC, at least from what I have read. Supposedly a group of big time investors use BCH as a pump and dump sort of mechanism to make quick money.

I’m just waiting for it to level out at at least 3000 to sell (I bought at 3500 :S )

Finally after all the buzz about Ripple’s coin (XRT), I decided to purchase a low 3 figure amount and hold onto it on a desktop wallet for the long term (at least for one year).

I bought XRT for .97 yesterday, today it’s at 1.12 to 1.15, so I’m happy about that.

In a later post I’ll explain how I managed to buy ripple, since it’s kind of hard to buy in fiat, especially from the US.

That’s about it. For the time being I’m not going to invest for a few weeks, to give myself time to read, investigate and just get more of a better grasp on cryptocurrencies.

Meanwhile I’ll try to post about my personal and detailed experiences with some of the better known crypto-services such as changelly, shapeshift, Coinbase, LocalBitcoins and so on.

It’s been far from easy, and I think I chose the toughest time to jump in. Almost every exhange/tool has been hit super hard with massive traffic, and things are just very clunky right now.

My advice for anyone new would be to wait a few weeks for the dust to settle if you’re not willing to have patience and run into obstacle after obstacle!

Made a quick $75 the “Dumb” Way

Yesterday, when the cryptocurrency market crashed and everyone was panic-selling to the point that Bitcoin dipped around 11000, I instantly saw this an opportunity to make a fast profit, even if it was small.

While most people were panic selling because every news outlet was reporting that the bubble finally burst (NOT), I bought a quick $500 worth of BTC when it was at 13300.

Like it’s happened every single time before – surprise surprise, today it’s at 15300 at the time of this post.

My profit? …, easy:

15300 / 13300 = 1.150375939849624 * 500 ~ 575 – 500 = $75

EZ money huh?

Shapeshift is the Issue, NOT Exodus, But Still…

Last Wednesday I wanted to exchanged .00578663 BTC to BCH, in hopes of cashing in on the possibility of it going up, because Coinbase started trading it that day.

After 70 hours, I have yet to receive my BCH or my BTC refund. It turns out, Exodus is partnered up with Shapeshift, which, in my experience so far hasn’t delivered what it promised. I had a failed transasction within the hour, and submitted a support ticket. No answer so far.

I did have issues with Changelly as well, another one of these “fast and simple” cryptocurrency exchange services, but after about 12 hours I DID get my transaction completed, even though it was frustrating as well, because of the market’s wild swings I lost some profit.

Shapeshift promises to address any issue within 72 hours or so, so I’m looking forward to a reply TODAY. I’m not complaining because I’m angry or desperate or whatever, just reporting my personal experience so far.

This is the exact email I received when I submitted my support ticket:

“Hello from the Support Team!

As you may know, the cryptocurrency space is busier than ever. We are working as quickly as we can to resolve your issue. Do not open multiple tickets – this will slow your resolution down!

Your request (xxxxxx) has been received! Our team will review your issue and get back to you as soon as possible. Our team strives to resolve issues within 48-72 hours, however wait times are longer than that due to the network congestion among several coin blockchains. Expect up to 1 week to have your issue resolved. We appreciate your patience and are truly sorry for the delay.

ShapeShift Support is available 7 days a week from 11am-7pm EST. Support is available, but limited outside of those hours. Our helpful team of Crypto Specialists will be with you soon.”

So I guess I have may have to wait a WEEK to get my BTC?! Dang…

I also contacted Exodus, and they say they’re also trying to get my BTC back, and promised updates as they try to resolve the issue as well. (Exodus support ROCKS!)

I’ll continue using Exodus as my main wallet, but definitely not as an exchange tool…

Score so far: Changelly 1 | Shapeshift 0

I had read better things about Shapeshift online, and I’m willing to give them more business, but first I want my refund.

Update: Changelly finally refunded my BTC, but it did take 6 days… and that’s a LOT of time in the ever fluctuating Crypto World! :@

What a Mess!! Part 3 – Exodus Fail :(

My liquid standing this morning:

$300 of Litecoin in my Coinbase wallet

$200 of Bitcoin in my Exodus wallet

Mission: I wanted to buy at some Bitcoin Cash before the price spikes when Coinbase begins to buy/sell. I can’t buy with fiat because Coinbase is the only Exchange I can actually use lol.

Answer! -> Use the Exodus currency exchange feature…

It seemed simple enough: turn $100 of Bitcoin into Bitcoin Cash. The pretty graphical user interface made it really easy for me. So I did and clicked on Exchange…., and the “nightmare” began. To make it short: It’s been several hours and still I have yet to see what’s going to happen with my Bitcoin.

Short Version:

After about an hour of when I clicked on the exchange in Exodus, there was an error, and the transaction FAILED..., so it turns out my $100 of Bitcoin are floating around the blockchain, lost in the limbo. Or at least just out there waiting to be claimed…, hopefully by me.

Exodus said they were working to get my BTC back…, I hope they deliver…

Update: Exodus finally managed to get my BTC back after 6 days. Their customer support is great.

It’s their exchange partner, Shapeshift, that seems to have problems handling requests, AKA they’re overloaded.

What a Mess!! Part 2 – Coinbase Chaos!

Yesterday 19th of December, Coinbase suddenly decided to include Bitcoin Cash in their exchange.

This had an alarming effect all over the crypto-sphere…, well at least that’s what I perceived.

It turns out that by offering the buying and selling of Bitcoin Cash, many many people who use Coinbase (like me), would have the possibility of buying it for the first time. This caused the price to spike to record levels of up to $3,500 and even passing $4,000 today.

Everybody wants in on this opportunity…, because the BTC price will only go higher when there are more consumers ready to buy it. Of course this caused all sorts of trouble and congestion, and outages, to an already congested exchange as Coin base (and all the others) is.

Additionally, they stopped selling/buying BTC temporarilly, something about insider trading who knows.

But I wanted to get into the action before they reactivated BTC, but FOOLISHLY had already bought $300 worth of Litecoin after researching the possibility of it reaching $500. I was desperately looking for a way to get into the Bitcoin Cash craze.

(At this point I had about $500 of crypto assest minus fees), Oh and I invested $1000 more on Bitcoin for the long haul, thinking about this self made upstrategy… All of this, using Coinbase.

Well, I didn’t read the small print,… it turns out it takes 9 days for the Bitcoin to appear in my Coinbase wallet 0_0. So there I was $1000 more spent…, not in my control as I’m typing these words.

So that’s about $1500 invested, ~$1000 of which I could not control. No big deal, the $1000 I invested for the long term, I didn’t expect to move it…, but still 9 days seems like a lot, at least to me!

STILL – I wanted to get into the Bitcoin Cash craze before Coinbase’s doors opened again. What could I do?

At that point I had ~$200 of Bitcoin in my Exodus wallet and ~$300 of Litecoin in Coinbase. (minus fees)

Looking for answers I noticed I could use my Exodus wallet to exchange Bitcoin to Bitcon Cash!

Easy-pease right? WRONG! 

Next post will be about how Exodus failed me BIG TIME 🙁