Adding Step by Step Guides


Right now I’m in the process of adding Step by Step guides, for anyone who is interested in things such as how to buy Bitcoin on Coinbase.

I’m trying to be as detailed as possible with these guides, including screenshots of every single step.

So if you’re curious about how to do something in the “Cryptoworld” but are not so sure how to go about it, or would like to see the whole process befoe pluging ing – with screenshots – , please stay tuned for more guides!

By the way I mess up more than I’d like to admit, and I’ll try to be as clear as possible in these guides, so you can avoid the pitfalls I fell into.

For example, yesterday I was trying to move some TRON (TRX) from my wallet to an exchange, and ended up wasting precious hours because I didn’t know about “gas limits” and other things related to Ethereum tokens.

There are way too many variables in this crazy fluctuating crypto market, so I really hope these illustrated guides can make things easier for anyone!